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Vital statistics
Position Special Operations Ultra
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'7"
Weight 115 Kilograms
“For the user equivalent see Yozoz.”
Very well, you've earned [food], little guy, you have.

Charmer, praising Yozoz for the skills he displayed during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b.

Yozoz is an Unggoy who serves in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution as an Ultra. He is very loyal and intelligent, for Unggoy standards.  

Early HistoryEdit

Yozoz was born on High Charity, and his father was a Spec-Ops Major in the Covenant Military. His father was killed on Sigma Octanus IV, by a Nuclear Warhead. Wanting to honor his father's memory, he enlisted in the Covenant Army, and was assigned to serve under the Unnamed Field Marshall and Xytan 'Montrumai. In 2552 during the Human-Covenant war, Yozoz was one of the uncountable Majors to attack Reach, a human world targeted for being the UNSC Military's base, as well as being rumored to have several Forerunner Artifacts. He lead a Spec-Ops file consisting of himself, Yabab, Glofnog, Zuzu, Frozo, Dornog and several others.

Team Heretic DinofoxEdit

 Yozoz joined the separatists during the Great Schism, as part of the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution, still under the Unnamed Field Marshall, and more directly, Xytan 'Montrumai. The fleet brought down two War Chieftains, before a strange portal opened. After going through the portal, Yozoz and the fleet ended up in the Team Heretic Dinofox Universe. The fleet joined the fight against the Chat Empire.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35bEdit

Yozoz fought in the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b. His mission was to raid a prison to free members of the Resistance from hostile Mandalorians. One of the prisoners was a member of the Tacit Ronin, TWIO.

Yozoz's phantom, which was carrying half of a Tyrant Class Cannon was shot down nearby. The survivors, including Yozoz began to engage Mandalorian infantry attacking them. The phantoms in Kig-Yar pirate Charmer's unit also fell back to assist in the heavy firefight, but they were all shot down too. The team held position until support phantoms could arrive and set up the Tyrant-Class cannon to cover the assault. However, all the Sangheili were killed, and over half of Charmer's force were killed, leaving only 222 survivors between the Charmer's forces and the Scouting Fleet's. The rest of the attacking force flew in to siege a city, while the crews of the downed dropships were left in the field, and eventually night began to fall. Charmer ordered camp to be set up, and Yozoz was noticed by Charmer for his abilities in the earlier combat. Yozoz stood watch for the night. 

The next morning, Charmer told his troops to get ready to go searching in a city for the prison holding Sangheili prisoners. The UNSC Back with a Vengence arrived to support the attack on the city. Arriving at the building Charmer suspected the prisoners to be in, it was found to be a trap, and Charmer's forces took heavy casualties. Now, with under 150 troops, Charmer had to call his leader, Lord of the STARS, to get reinforcements. STARS sent an ship filled with Front line fighters. Charmer's Battalion was then informed that the prison was in orbit around the planet, and Yozoz and the other survivors were finally pulled out and brought to the Fleet in orbit.

Crises on New Eden Edit

"Yabab, I need my two best Operatives to go find the Tacit Ronin. Take Glofnog with you."

- Yozoz ordering Yabab and Glofnog to alert UFM's Zealot Team Tacit Ronin to the attack on New Eden after a bomb goes off during a celebration at Charmer's estate.

Yozoz was on New Eden when the Black Fang was hired to destroy the entire asteroid. Yozoz was with Charmer, celebrating the victory at Beta Maximus 35b, when an attempt to assasinate the Kig-Yar Commodore took place. A drone carrying a bomb infiltrated Charmer's house, killing Yozoz's lancemate Zuzu, but failing to hit the intended target, Charmer.

Yozoz commanded Spec-Ops Files across the city from Charmer's house as they searched for members of the Black Fang. The Covenant command had no idea what was going on, The SUMMER CONTINGENCY had failed, and Yozoz could not contact any Resistance forces, so Yozoz had to make do with nothing but his Spec-Ops Unggoy, who attempted to rally scattered Resistance forces. Later, another bomb was set-off near the house. Yozoz, Charmer, and Flower fled to orbit to avoid the bombings.

Meanwhile, Yozoz ordered his lance (which had now dwindled to only Glofnog and Yabab) to find the Field Marshall and warn him of the attack. Yabab and Glofnog's spirit was shot down, and they lost contact with Yozoz. However, they managed to find the Tacit Ronin and escape to a broadcast station, where they were able to warn the Fleet and organize a defence.

Eventually, Yozoz and Charmer visited Lord of the Stars' palace, as Yozoz wanted to know a way back to to his galaxy, and Charmer was willing to help. There, he met up with Glofnog and Yabab.

Retaking of YothEdit

"Do we have permission to be here?"

"Not exactly."

" 'Montrumai isn't going to like this..."

- Yabab and Yozoz after arriving on Madam Celestial Saber's ship setting sail for Yoth, without permission from Covenant Commmand in the hopes they would be able to get back to the Milky Way.

During the battle on New Eden , Yozoz and Glofnog were taken by Madam Celestial Saber and her fleet to Yoth to recover some Slip Space Crystals, which would allow him to go back home. However, the asteroids they were hidden on had been stolen by Drullkus Industries. So, Saber decided to instead join the Fort at Yoth for awhile. They were later joined by the majority of Team Heretic Dinofox, who were intent on retaking Yoth.

The Fort was unexpectedly besieged by Raptor Pirates, and the defense was lead by Commodore Crystal. The Fort was lost and Yozoz, Glofnog, Stars, Saber and seven Royal Commandos. They fled into space, but their ship was boarded and Stars was captured by Denal Wedge. Stars was taken to Eafth, but the others survived and crashed on Planet Hurricane. Glofnog was killed in the crash.

Later, Yozoz returned to Yoth this time under the command of Xytan 'Montrumai. By now, he was even sadder and homesick than before because Glofnog was dead, Yabab was in a coma, and he had a whole new batch of Spec-Ops Unggoy. Montrumai and his SpecOps team infiltrated a hidden Chat Laboratory, and found it overrun by genetically engineered monsters. The team managed to escape withut any major injuries.

Fighting with the ResistanceEdit

After a long time off of the battlefield, Yozoz and his new team were transferred back to Charmer's mixed Covenant/Pirate Battalion. A THDF Striketeam was sent to nuetralize a chat outpost. Yozoz and Charmer provided airsupport for Megan, Tyler, Jess, Talot, Madam Celestial Saber, and Lord of the Stars, from the New Eden Phantom Looting Talon. After securing the outside perimeter, Yozoz dropped in along with Huglot and Jutnip to provide fire support. THDF breached the base, killing a couple Chat Troopers. They then proceeded to destroy the base with explosives and leave the planet for the Resistance to mop up.

Shortly after, Talot recieved word that a ship in the Unknown Regions of importance to him had been left floating dead in space, and demanded that a team be sent to investigate. In response, Resistance Admiral Leham dispatched Talot and Fireteam Tiger, sending Yozoz along with at Talot's recommendation.

Personality Edit

Yozoz was more disciplined and intelligent than most Unggoy, and because of this, he was made Major the day he left training. While his personality often lead to clashes with Glofnog and Yabab, two members of his file, they were friends and he got along with them well during battle.

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He looked up to the Kig-Yar Charmer, wanting to be just like him. He also was very loyal to his Field Marshall, and will do things for him that he would do for no one else. However, during the Crises on New Eden, he felt that he missed his family in his universe, and decided to try and go back home.

List of Appearances  Edit

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