A painting on a city wall of a Yush-shy-R huntress. Dates back to the first encounter with the Ptranosaurians

The Yush-shy-R are a peaceful insect like race who are from a planet in the Ptranosaurian galaxy. Their culture consist of many key factors such as a matriarch system, hospitality to all, and hunting, which is regarded as sacred, and they believe for hunting to turn to poaching will inspire the wraith of the queen of the gods.

  • Ancient History: The Yush-shy-R where first discovered by Ptranosaurian explorers 18000 years ago, during what was their bronze age when they where just beginning to learn to build marvelous buildings. The Ptranosaurians where welcomed with open hearts, and imedeantly brought before the Yush-shy-R queen to discuss a political future between the 2 races. When a wild fire had come to the city as is a virtually every day acurance the Yush-shy-R began to head to their fire proof wait out shelters, as is a common routine. But the Ptranosaurians not willing to wait used pyro-physics to absorb the entire wild fire into the ships battery. Apon seeing this merical the Yush-shy-R where convinced the Ptranosaurians where gods, and began to worship them. After a while they managed to educate the Yush-shy-R into understanding they are just like them but with advanced technology, and once they felt them ready, granted them advanced technology of their own.
  • Recent history: After the Ptranosaurian conquest of the main story galaxy when it was safe to begin doing so the Yush-shy-R where among the first sentient races to be brought from the Ptranosaurian galaxy onboard civilian transports. The Yush-shy-R where at first reluctant to exit the vessels worried they would be shot by the natives of the galaxy.

Anatomy and physiologyEdit

Yush-shy-R stand as tall as Kig-yar, and are slightly stronger then sangheily, and have reflexes that can only be seen on camera by slowing down the recording. Females are a little more then twice the size of males, and are slower while males are faster, especially in flight . They have a very strong exoskeleton but it is certainly not bullet proof. Their eyes are able to see in any level of lighting with out taking damage. Something that moves as fast as a race car to the human eye to them moves the speed of a fat human walking. Yush-shy-R would not be capable of living on the real world planet earth because the earth does not have enough oxygen for them to survive. This they counter by wearing breathing gear. They communicate by rubbing their wings together much like crickets and have machines on their thorax that begin to speak in the native tong of what ever they intend to talk to, they never go with out one as being insects they don't have vocal cords with which to speak, however they are capable of using their wings to match similar sounds to almost any spoken language with practice. On their arms are spike and plyer like devices similar to that of a preying mantis. They use their antenna to smell, and their ears are on their legs. They are carnivorous and have a ravinus appetite. Both males and females can fly fast enough to keep up with human traffic, but they are still much slower fliers then Ptranosaurians, who's speed leaves them far behind.


Yush-shy-R don't believe in eating other sentient life, and are kind and peaceful, but this does not mean they are pacifist if time calls for war or in self defense. They spend half of their week training in martial arts, and preparing them selves in case they ever have to fight. Despite females being stronger females prefer to stay home and be pampered and let males do the fighting instead, but females joining in battle is still not uncommon. In spite of their studies their warfare yet has only 3 tactics, the first being to simply use speed and agility to make them selves a hard target while also using cover to fire automatic fire arms at their enemies, to come into close quarters and melee the enemy with up to 35 hit combos and/or grab them and then strike with their spike or simply crush them, and the 3rd and final tactic is to wait in ambush.

Yush-Shy-R do not understand dark humored jokes and have even been known to contact the Ptranosaurians and report a threat of war crimes againced them when one simply jokes about a exterminator.

Yush-Shy-R religion revolves around the worship of statues of female Yush-Shy-R.

Their technological level is currently not far behind races such as the Yutja and the sangheili.

Yush-shy-R tend to dress in a traditional stile, wearing only leather armor on the softer parts of their exo skeleton and a pad of leather to cover up their abdomen when in public. They also like to paint stripes on them selves to convince the wild life of their planet they are venomous to avoid being attacked by other predators.

Their heavily cultured hunters however they only hunt with a melee weapon or less to make the hunt fair. Laws regulating hunting are punished by leaving the guilty to burn in a wild fire.


The mating process is very delicate as females have a very strong instinct to eat their mate, however being sentient are able to decide they don't want to. When a male intends to mate with a female he charms her with the coloration of his wings, the song of his wings, and a gift that often involves food or a drink. If she excepts him she lets him mound her, but if she rejects him she will go into the public zone where he can't persist. If he is allowed to mound her he does so nice and slow before he actually mates, and she relaxes and lifts her head to allow her to grip the back of her neck so she can't turn her head to chew his off, a action she has no voluntary control over if her mate starts with out stopping her from turning her head. They try very hard to avoid the male being eaten during the process but accidents happen, and murders can be masked as mating accidents if a female actually wants her mate to die, which usually has a motivation more inventive then simply wanting the pleasure from a male actually able to perform better with out a head. Once this process has been gotten over with the female will lay 400 eggs, which hatch after 4 weeks. The female will not come in heat again for another 2 years, and she is only capable of doing so 10 times during her entire life cycle.

Home worldEdit

The Yush-shy-R originated from the planet Gort, which has a temperature similar to that of the inside of a car in the summer of south texus. Because of the high oxygen level wild fires are so common they are almost a every day accurance, however every plant on the planet is a weed and as they regrow from the root you can watch a plant grow as they do t quickly, for example a 20ft tree taking only 43 hours to reach said size. When Ptranosaurians visit the peaceful Yush-shy-R they take care not to accidently use their fire breath to avoid accidents. During wild fires Yush-shy-R just hide in their cities and wait for nature to take its corse, and even refuse to put the fires out believing putting them out would interfere with nature and keep the flowers from blooming.


In spite of the concept art that is not entirely what the Yush-shy-R look like.

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