Zealot Sangheili

The Zealot is a high-ranking Covenant agent who is charged with the recovery of Forerunner artifacts. Unparalleled among the Covenant for their skill at arms, Zealots will stop at nothing, not even the eradication of heretical species, in order to recover these holy relics.

While some Zealots are strictly deployed to non-combat Fleet or field command posts, they often operate on the front lines and possess considerable battlefield experience, having killed countless enemies before attaining their post. 


As members of the Ministry of Fervent Intercession, true Zealots form the razor's edge of any significant Covenant military operation. Zealot squads are tasked with the location and analysis of any information which might lead to a reliquary site. Once located they are then charged with its recovery, typically through apostolic intervention by force, though no measure is considered too extreme. They wear a number of different armor iterations, from gold to red, which are highly advanced with advanced shielding tech and improved protection.

Although in the Halo universe, Zealot is a general term for various titles held by the highest ranking Sangheili in the military, in the THDF universe, a Zealot is simplified to being a single, high rank among the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. Zealots usually work on the bridge of vessels, or command battalions of lower ranking troops into battle. So far, Zealots have played a major role in every conflict the Scouting Fleet has entered.

Types of ZealotsEdit

  • Special Operations Zealot - Tasked with infiltration and stealth oriented tasks. Includes 'Nosol of the Tacit Ronin.
  • Field Commander Zealot - Most heavily shielded Zealot that directly leads troops into battle. Includes Zealot 'Quirov.
  • High Command Zealot - Only seen performing tasks on the bridge of either of the Corvettes in the Scouting Fleet. High Command Zealots do not possess shielding, and instead have wrist-mounted EMP launchers.
  • Shipmaster - Commands a ship within the Scouting Fleet.
  • Fleetmaster - Commands the entire Scouting Fleet, and capable of overriding a Ship Master's orders if necessary. Noted to have high powered shields; the Fleet Master is the Unnamed Field Marshall.

Notable ZealotsEdit


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