Zeta admin

Zeta in his personal combat armor.

When the Chat Empire wants someone dead, they will send this guy after you. Don't worry about looking over your shoulder, you won't ever see him coming.
— Resistance description of Zeta1127,89thLegion

Known HistoryEdit

Born on the planet of Alpha Harmony, Zeta learned from a young age that he alone would dictate his destiny. Zeta was always a hard worker, and never failed any job that was presented to him. When he was 10, seeking a better life for himself, he ran away from home and bought a one way ticket to Eafth. There, he tried to enrolled at a Chat Military school. However, the richer kids picked on him for being poor and Zeta shut them up, literally. He beat them up so bad the school offered to let him become a full time student, granted that he would not beat up any of the other kids. By the time he graduated, he was one of the top ten students in his class, and was expected to continue to excel in military affairs. However, he soon learned that he was better with weapons then books. Going against his teachers best wishes, Zeta joined the army. When his training was done, he was selected to become a Chat Shock Trooper. After another few years, Zeta was ready to kill those who opposed the Chat. Over the years, Zeta would go on assassinations across the galaxy, coming back time and time again successfully fulfilling his assignments. After Eafth was bombed by Commander Heathcliff, Zeta offered to become an Admin, one that would take the fight directly to the enemy.

Battle StatusEdit

While he has been involved in a couple of small skirmishes against groups like The Resistance, he has yet to witness any major battles. Zeta is an accomplished assassin, notable for hunting down mercenary groups who have tried to fight the Chat. Zeta is always serious, rarely ever laughing or for that matter smiling. Zeta constantly trains to be the best in every aspect of combat, and looks down of those who think it comes naturally. He has always been doing whatever he can to better himself in life, and does not care about those around him, unless they can help him. Zeta thinks weak Admins are ineffective ones and should be removed with all due haste. In combat, Zeta will usually have a modified M-30 Rifle, a flamethrower, jet pack, an anti-vehicle missile, a wrist blade, and grappling hook. He never goes unprepared in battle and does not fall for tricks, always being wary of his environment. 

Zeta in combat

Zeta's home, in the heat of combat.

During the Battle of Eafth, Zeta was stationed with T3CHNOCIDE to keep Karl from being freed. During a fight with Heretic Dinofox, Zeta got into a lengthy fight with DMR. The two were forced to battle it out with their fists, since their firearm skills were evenly matched. However, DMR was able to best Zeta and knocked him out by slamming his head into the ground. Zeta woke up and learned that Dinofox had freed Karl and that he was able to escape the planet. Hoping to get back at them, Zeta over saw the hiring of mercenaries to attack a Delegation on Gaeto. They were successful in capturing Jess McKathy, and disrupting the delegation. 

After the Battle of Mu Gasto he was captured by DMR and carted off to the Hecate where he was temporarily converted to work for the resistance.

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