Zorrianians are the native people of the planet Zorriania III.

Physical appearance: They stand about 5 feet tall and have short rounded ears, their face is somewhat pointy with a black twitchy noise and forward facing eyes. Their teeth are very similar to human teeth except having slightly longer canine teeth. Their incisors however are very large and chizzes like, requiring of being filed down or they will out grow their jaws. They also have whiskers. Their bodies are covered in a coat of fur, their is a small verity in color and fur patters but you can never tell what their fur patterns are as they are never naked in public, being clothed with many kinds of available fabrics and leathers. Aside from the fur their hands are just like human hands but with claws built for gripping. They have medium length bushy tails which fluff up when they get exited. They stand about 5 feet tall and are physically stronger then humans, though not by much. They run on 2 legs slightly faster then humans, but they run on 4 legs 5 times faster then humans. They can jump 8 feet high and have pockets in their cheeks.

Culture: Not much is known about them as few bother to travil all the way out to where they are, but they don't have much influence on the galaxy as they have yet to even invent the radio. The few who have seen them describe them as "very polite".

History: For reasons unknown the chat decided to build the Chat Star II in orbit of their home world.

More to come. No spoilers until the RP gets to it.

Zorilianite ship

A example of the Zorrilian naval power.

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