"Call me Seven sir, I prefer having a nickname rather than a rank."


Zulu Commander, an XD battle droid.

-XD-7 talks to Fox after they first meet.

Zulu Commander (Technically ranked as Captain) is a XD droid in command of the Zulu Squad, and is quite popular among the organic crew of the Great Fox III. He is well known for his rather long term survival in comparison to the other members in his squad, as the team was put on dangerous missions many times. His serial number is XD-7, but he is commonly referred to as "7."


A throw in when Fox bought the ship with cash he obtained from the Old Haven government, Zulu Commander is unusually aware for a droid, having a political opinion and capable of feeling concern, and has a better personality then the remnants of ROB 64. Seven commands his Zulu Corporal as well as his squad of elite droids, with the occasional destroyer droid.

He and his team were the first responders to multiple hijackings on the Great Fox III, and is responsible for the ships survival against Chat bomb planters.  

He assisted with Karl 591's capture on the Great Fox III during the Hunt for Commander Heathcliff. 7 also sent in several destroyer droids to enforce his capture before 7 himself left.

At the given time of the Battle of Eafth, XD-7 was caught up in the fleet engagement over Whoopiter.


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