Zulu Corporal monitoring the Great Fox III.

Zulu Corporal (DX-4) is the second highest commanding member in Zulu Squad. Like Zulu Commander, Corporal DX-4 can take control of the rest of the Squad, and synchronize attacks with the fellow squadmates. He is also known simply as Zulu Corporal or Four.


Like XD-7, DX-4 is a security droid on the Great Fox III. He is the second highest ranking member in the Fireteam, and takes orders from Seven.

He was ordered by Zulu Commander to arrest Karl, until Karl decided to help track down Commander Heathcliff in exchange for Forerunner and Vidmas7er.

He was part of an operation to secure the construction of a wormhole generator, where he helped board a Carrier with Fox and led his large squad of Space Marines. 

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