Zulu commander with two droids.

Zulu Squad is a fireteam of advanced battle droids used for security in the Great Fox III, and is occasionally deployed as an elite ground force. The fireteam is entirely consisted of the newer DX Battle droids, and led by the XD class droid known as Zulu Commander.

They are Fox's response to the Delta SEALS.


The two squad leaders are Zulu Commander, an XD droid, and backup commanding officer, Zulu Corporal, a modified DX droid. The DX infantry is commonly replaced due to casualties, but only the droids with best statistics are chosen for the squad.

Zulu Commander, the leader of the squad, had special implants that made him completely functional without the assistance of a control ship, so he could be used in lengthy ground missions, just like all other defense squad commanders. The commanders of the squads relay their instructions to the other droids, in order to work in a flawless single minded group. However, the DX battle droids have individual minds like their lead droid, so interactions with others is natural. The individual droids are not dependent on their leaders orders.


Known for being the most successful defending squad in the Great Fox III's droid defense task force, the team has repelled invaders ever since the ship's creation. 

During the space battle of Gaeto, the team was the first respondents to Chat hijackers, and without assistance from Destroyer Droids, they single handedly eliminated the threat. They were the first respondents to Karl-591's capture in Hanger Bay 7, but fell back to allow Destroyer Droids to capture him.


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